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Wand’ring Eye Décima

You took a second glance. I could
Forgive you for a wand’ring eye.
As long as you do not deny,
And just assume I’ve understood,
Given a choice, I know you would
Allow that longing, leering stare
To ricochet back to me where
It will be reciprocated.
Besides, I’ve often debated
To gaze, myself. It’s only fair.

In response to Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 6 found here

7 thoughts on “Wand’ring Eye Décima

  1. Ha, so right. I had an elderly friend who was the security guard where I worked. I would see him look at the college girls as they walked on their way to the university and back. He would look as they approached, admired, and I would tease him. He said, “It’s okay to look as they are comin’ atcha, it’s when you look back as they walk by the problems begin.”

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