creative writing

Life’s Drum Quadrille

Cascade into youth with ease,
Learn to tap your fickle feet,
Find your quaking balance,
Make sure that you are not offbeat.
The hum won’t pound forever.
When the beat of life’s drum slows,
Start to enjoy the rhythm.
Cease to labour crinkled toes.

In response to dVerse’s quadrille challenge #106 found here

24 thoughts on “Life’s Drum Quadrille

  1. Stepping Feet
    Drumming Dance
    EartH ReTurNS LoVE
    Ground Level
    In Balance
    SParK oF LiFE
    Lasts FouNTaiN
    Of Youth iN MoVinG
    Drum Beats MeDiTaTinG Feet Free
    ARRiVinG SiNGinG
    LiVinG Dance Trees Be We..:)


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