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Silent Rain

Listening to the sound of rain
Creates serenity.
Busy minds tune into the lull.
A provoked tranquility:
Calm enough to ease,
Loud enough to dispel
Unwelcome thoughts,
Wish them farewell.
A raindrop is silent,
Until it splashes.
Like his internal plight,
Before he turns to ashes.

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In response to dVerse’s Rain Poetry Prompt found here

17 thoughts on “Silent Rain

  1. I guess it’s no accident that so many calming apps offer the sound of rain as an option, that background noise is great for calming and thinking. I like the koan-like feel of “A raindrop is silent, until it splashes”. Lots in there.

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  2. I would never have thought of a raindrop splashing and turning to ashes, but to encourage new growth. I like your capture of the sound of rain.

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    1. I like the way you have interpreted the poem, and hope that alternative meanings add depth. My personal intention was to compare the long and silent fall of a raindrop to a silent struggle through life (his internal plight). Though, I like that you’ve personified the rain.


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