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Shrinking Décima

Poems are best composed when there’s
No words to capture all your cares.
When there’s no light or ray of hope,
When heading down a downward slope.
That’s when words are the coastguard’s flares,
The scatter of birds, March’s snow,
The bowler’s throw, the whistler’s blow.
Alarm bells cry final warnings,
In dark nights, but darker mornings.
Why do we have to shrink to grow?

In response to Ronovan Writes’ Décima Challenge #16 found here

13 thoughts on “Shrinking Décima

  1. Nice, the ones that seem hard usually are the best. It’s like I told another blogger, you have the story, the idea, you write it down and then you have to find a way to fit it all into these constraints of poetry. The ones that you foolishly pick to torture yoursef with. But when it turns out geat… it’s an awesome feeling, even if only fifteen people click like, you know it’s good because you know where it started and how it got to the page.

    This one is tough. I think it’s because of the C rhyme spot. II haven’t written mine yet, I’m busy editing someones horror novella. I may be going crosseyed blind

    I suppose I could make all the rhymes be the A spot or just say pick your own spot, but that isn’t really a challenge. At least I try to avoid the dreaded D spot as often as I can. I’m not a total masochist. Wow, I didn’t even have to use Grammarly’s spell check for that word. Um, does that mean I’m odd if I know how to spell masochist?

    I just thought of something. Maybe I should add another two stanzas then we can add tthree more rhyme spots. But I could never challenge people to use that last rhyme spot. We would get a different kind of poetry community started.

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    1. Thank you! ✨ I agree, it’s not about the likes. It’s about getting that idea on paper. Haha well the harder the challenge, the more interesting the poem in my opinion! Don’t be afraid to make people squirm on occasion 😉

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    1. Thank you! ✨ I was trying to capture the continuation of negativity over the day. I think people find it easier to talk about not being able to sleep at night rather than the troubles and worries they face during the day.


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