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Birthday Haibun

I woke up on my 20th birthday with a sore head. I remember the clinking of glasses, the vibrations of the speakers, and the roll of the dice across the breakfast bar, from the night before. I smiled at the thought of celebrating late into the night with my friends.

It was time to smarten myself up ready to catch the train back home. I smeared foundation over the bags under my eyes.

Upon returning home, I saw a giant balloon with a hand-written 20 on it. I enjoyed a buffet with my mother and grandparents. I smiled at the thought of celebrating all day long with my family.

My mood is lifted,
Contrasting celebrations.
I smile at the thought.

In response to dVerse’s Birthday Haibun Challenge found here

31 thoughts on “Birthday Haibun

  1. I love this. Such happy memories here and it sounds like you had a blast with family and friends. Beautifully written and expressed. It’s heartwarming.

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  2. It looks like you had a great 20th birthday, notwithstanding the sore head and eye bags! I love the way you used sounds to evoke the party atmosphere, the ‘clinking of glasses’ and ‘vibrations of the speakers’, but what was being played with the ‘roll of the dice’? The family celebration with the giant balloon sounds fabulous too.

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  3. I really enjoyed your story and the way you presented it in a concise manner, still encompassing the contrast of two celebrations. I think we should all have birthdays that last more than a day!

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  4. Of course at 20, still being too young to drink, as a college co-ed, you got stinko with your friends. Nice that you were still able to enjoy the traditional family gathering too.

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