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Faithful Seed Quadrille

Faithful seed, be loyal and true,
As I have been with you.
I long to see you try.
Be driven and fight,
Fight until you pull through.
Faithful seed, I plead with you.
Take everything I have and grow,
Grow stronger than you know.

In response to dVerse’s “seed quadrille” prompt.

A poem filled with hope, emotion, and desperation.

32 thoughts on “Faithful Seed Quadrille

  1. I love the desperation in the voice, the pleading for a future that you know you are not supposed to touch. I adore that sadness – like planting a seed and knowing that it is not your fate to watch it bloom. Tragic, but in that, such exquisite beauty.

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  2. I love the hopeful themes here. We really place a lot into what we put in and a seed, I find, is the perfect metaphor for that. There is always hope in the front or back of our minds, and most of us want to see it grow. Brilliantly and beautifully expressed.

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