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NaPoWriMo Day 25

On Christmas Day we rise early,
Before the frost resembles dew.
We wrap up in our dressing gowns,
And rush downstairs to view
Golden ribbons wrapped around
The gifts to be exchanged.
We open them with caution,
And hope not to be upstaged.
We roast the turkey shortly after,
Filling the house with a rich aroma.
We carve the turkey at least thrice,
Before the day is over.
Then we gather with the family,
And talk about the year.
That’s what makes Christmas special:
Sharing love; and laughter; and cheer.

In response to the twenty-fifth “occasion” prompt from

creative writing

NaPoWriMo Day 4

Fairy Lights

I followed the fairy lights
To the end of the road.
They brought me no solace,
No matter how bright they glowed.
The walls carried an echo,
Even when I tiptoed.
With every step,
I was being
But I never stopped,
And I never slowed,
Not until the end,
The end of the road.

In response to the fourth “liminal” prompt from

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Written for anyone who has felt unsettled when walking alone at night.