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Sleep is the enemy,
Plotting against you.
Interrogating you,
Replaying your memory.
It gossips about you,
Loud enough to hear,
It counts down the hours,
It rings in your ear.
Sleep is a witness,
To all you’ve done wrong.
It sings a shrill song,
It requests no forgiveness.
It visits me nightly.
It’s clear and persistent.
The voice never stops,
At least it’s consistent.

How can the mind be inactive enough to be taken over by a petulant voice, and yet be active enough to write poetry? The mind boggles.

creative writing

Media Mayhem Décima

Why must the press always surmise?
Listen, please stop speculating.
Twisting words, manipulating.
I always see through your disguise,
You only ever publish lies.
Media steals all the glory,
Marching on your territory.
Selling words for personal gain,
No justice for the names you stain.
Severing my private story.

In response to Ronovan Writes’ Décima Challenge #11 found here

creative writing

Honest Love Sonnet

I gaze upon the stranger opposite,
I’m wondering if he has noticed me,
I smooth my hair, and change the way I sit.
I’m coy, so shy, uncomfortable… Is he?

Why must I torture myself in this way?
I just want love to ambush me, and soon.
No time to think, no fuss, with no delay.
He doesn’t even have to make me swoon.

My friend says that I am more than enough.
He makes me smile, and helps me to get by.
Just why do I find seeking love so tough?
But then I see a glimmer in his eye.

When friendship blossoms into something more,
That’s when love is honest, real and pure.

creative writing

Haunted House

My home town, is a home to many.
But houses like ours, there aren’t any.
Amidst the fog, the spotlight reveals,
This grubby house, we keep concealed.
The pyramid roof, distinct jasmine aroma,
Scuffed bubblegum walls, with a musty persona.
There is no furniture, just a worn carpet,
A grainy beige, like sand underfoot. 
When crows pry, disturbing our memories,
A scarecrow spooks them, so we make enemies.

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In response to the Paint Chip Poetry Prompt Challenge #25 found here