creative writing

Stronger Together

I was normally one to walk alone. It was more than not following the crowd, it was walking a path towards a different vision entirely. Sometimes, no vision at all.

I thought I could go on like that for an eternity, until I met adversity.

At first, I was coping. Surviving. I had strife and will, and I fought with every ounce of courage but, slowly, my energy became scarce.

I bumped into you on my journey, even though I had wandered off the towpath years before. You were different… And wonderful. You were forging your own path, and when we looked ahead, they seemed to be going in the same direction.

So you took me by the hand, and we continued to walk. We stumbled over every obstacle, but we had fun along the way. Problems became challenges. Struggle became perseverance. We became lovers.

Adversity was a blessing; it brought me closer to you.