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NaPoWriMo Day 11

Acacia’s Secret

Accept this yellow Acacia,
As a token of my secret love.
Regretfully, we cannot be together;
A decision made from high above.

Our private affair would only rip
The harmony of society apart.
So please accept my yellow Acacia,
And cherish me within your heart.

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In response to the NaPoWriMo Flower Meanings challenge found here

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Goodbye, Sweet Pea

I left some sweet peas on the counter,
When I left early that morning.
I admired their delicate petals,
I did not receive their warning.

Sweet peas symbolise goodbyes,
They are used to bid one adieu.
It must have been an omen,
For I never returned to you.

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Worth Waiting For

We are parched of hope.
Two tulips in spring.
Lost in a field of poppies,
So wild, and unforgiving.

I falter, I wither,
In emotional turmoil.
I pine for your company,
Though anchored to the soil.

Where’s my refuge, my nursery?
I’m a solitary flower,
Come and quench my thirst,
With all the love I can devour.

I seek hope by the water,
Clear as a looking glass,
It reflects the damage of our parting.
When will this menace pass?

Oh, won’t you come and find me?
My strength, you can restore.
Let your touch console me.
You are still worth waiting for.

In response to the Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #21 found here