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Visual Verse Publication II

I have had another poem published, entitled Our Summers, in the Visual Verse anthology.

A short poem celebrating childhood summers.

My inspiration came from my own childhood, which was spent knocking on neighbours’ doors and spending all day outside playing hide and seek.

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The Clown

It matters not whether I frown,
Nor lower my head in shame.
For I will always be the clown,
In your wicked game.
Even when I tread with stealth,
And deny all that you claim,
I will always be myself,
When you put me in the frame.
You may not devise my fate,
No matter how precise your aim.
I will rise above your hate.
With pride, I state my name.

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In response to dVerse’s Clowning Around Prompt found here

Also loosely inspired by Emeli Sandé’s Clown.

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Honest Love Sonnet

I gaze upon the stranger opposite,
I’m wondering if he has noticed me,
I smooth my hair, and change the way I sit.
I’m coy, so shy, uncomfortable… Is he?

Why must I torture myself in this way?
I just want love to ambush me, and soon.
No time to think, no fuss, with no delay.
He doesn’t even have to make me swoon.

My friend says that I am more than enough.
He makes me smile, and helps me to get by.
Just why do I find seeking love so tough?
But then I see a glimmer in his eye.

When friendship blossoms into something more,
That’s when love is honest, real and pure.

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Rebellious Friends Forever

Remember the day we became friends?
If only a childhood never ends.
Our friendship ignited like sawdust to an ember,
In my club, you were the only member.
We hated ballet slippers and leotards,
So we would sneak away for a game of cards.
We would always hide in the shadows,
Avoiding the colour of a kitten’s nose.
Remember when we missed the school bus?
We hid behind the shelter, so it left without us.
Instead we disappeared to a distant bay,
And pranced around endless dunes all day.
You were always the apple of my eye,
I know who to call for an alibi.

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In response to Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #23 found here