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Life’s Pearls Décima

You miss so much when you are rushed.
A white dove’s feather softly falls,
As lions flex their golden paws.
A ripened berry’s body blushed,
Before it’s bursting flesh was crushed.
A stem will grow with twists and swirls,
Before a single petal curls.
Perfect flakes of snow melt so fast,
In less time than eclipses last.
Wander free but don’t miss life’s pearls.

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In response to Ronovan Writes’ Décima Challenge found here

creative writing

Pink Orchid

Wild rabbit applauded,
The hue of pink orchid.
Now all he desires is a doe. 
There’s no sweeter investment,
Nor filled with contentment,
Than one which continues to grow.

Shared with dVerse for Open Link Night found here

The rabbit and orchid were painted by myself using acrylics and watercolours.