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NaPoWriMo Day 1

The Club

Vibrance is scarce,
People trudge.
Kitten heels splash puddles,
Muddying stockings.
Life is dull.
Until we stepped into the club.
Horns blaring, beat thumping,
Overwhelming lights.
Spirited people swing and sway.
Back on the road,
Streetlights glare and shuffle,
Breathing colours into shapes.
I change perspective,
I am inquisitive.

Inspired by the movement of shapes and brilliant colours in the animated version of “Seductive Fantasy” by Sun Ra and his Arkestra.

In response to the first “seeing the world in a new way” prompt from

creative writing

Morning Light

Wind rattled the hedgerows, and gentle meadows.
Brilliant light pierced the velvety night;
Eating away the glittering stars.
An owl whispered in the sky calling solemnly,
Before reluctantly retreating to his leafy roost.
A stoat whipped the buttercups and grass,
Feeling the early morning heat.
The sky was silent,
As the world awaited the break of dawn.

– Andrew Chandler

A heart-warming poem written by my boyfriend, obviously waiting for his sunshine (me) to wake up. Ha! With his permission, I’m sharing this on my blog to celebrate his beautiful poetry!

creative writing

Finding Hope

Hope is always a light,
Flickering in crowds,
At the end of a tunnel,
Or lining the clouds.

Its either dazzling white,
Or a tepid yellow,
Beaming orange rays,
Or a silvery glow.

Could it be found in shadows?
In the absence of blinding light.
Simply a black room,
In the blanket of night.

Feel the comfort of dusk,
Of indigo skies,
A starless nightfall,
By closing your eyes.

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