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Pink Orchid

Wild rabbit applauded,
The hue of pink orchid.
Now all he desires is a doe. 
There’s no sweeter investment,
Nor filled with contentment,
Than one which continues to grow.

Shared with dVerse for Open Link Night found here

The rabbit and orchid were painted by myself using acrylics and watercolours.

creative writing

Newborn Wings Triquint

Spiteful taunts and unwelcome prying.
Don’t let them see us crying.
Wings born from trying.
High flying

We wait, until after much lying,
We see the truth untying.
Wings born from trying.
High flying

We rose above, there’s no denying,
Our gravity-defying
Wings born from trying.
High flying

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In response to Mindlovemisery’s Triquint prompt found here

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Each wave of blue ribbon,
Washes upon the sand,
Bringing driftwood;
Memories clouding my mind, and
Offering as much solace as red clay,
From rusted rocks in mud.
A fossil from the past, best forgotten.
I turned my back on the deep dark wood,
In search of the blazing sun.
Grassland was all I found,
Drenched in my tears.
Though I’m thankful for the sound,
Of breaking waves.
I’m grateful for the colour,
Of sun rises.
I hope I live to see another.

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In response to the Paint Chip Poetry Prompt Challenge #28 found here

Disorganised, yet appropriate.

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Tough Days Ahead Décima

A heavy heart plated with lead.
When bad days turn to lousy weeks.
When sleeves wipe across sodden cheeks,
You don’t know how to help, instead,
Belittle me to get ahead.
You look down at me, this is true.
Uncultivated fields grew,
The hierarchy’s nourishment.
With too little encouragement,
The days are tough to saunter through.

In response to Ronovan Writes’ Décima Challenge #13 found here

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Silent Rain

Listening to the sound of rain
Creates serenity.
Busy minds tune into the lull.
A provoked tranquility:
Calm enough to ease,
Loud enough to dispel
Unwelcome thoughts,
Wish them farewell.
A raindrop is silent,
Until it splashes.
Like his internal plight,
Before he turns to ashes.

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In response to dVerse’s Rain Poetry Prompt found here

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A Trio of Betrayal

She desperately tries to console her friend,
Though they can’t find the strength to fight any more.
Together, they once rose, but it will soon end.

Where is the man who commenced this tragic war?
Perhaps he is safer to be left behind.
At least while the pain is furiously raw.

She is broken now, all alone and confined.
The image in her head, one she can’t evade,
Resides in every corner of her mind.

When she sleeps, it replays, the night she’s betrayed.
Her sidekick, the friendship, ripped out from the core.
Pounding icicles crashed down on her parade.

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In response to dVerse’s triplet challenge found here

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Free Puppet (3-Line Tale)

My puppet master let go of the strings, granting me freedom, but I didn’t know where to run to, or whether to even run at all.
Instead, I cowered in a corner, until I could gather enough strength to breathe steadily.
I must become my own puppet master, but I will always hold my strings tight.

A longer extract can be found here

Image credit: Claudio Schwarz via Unsplash

In response to Only 100 Words: Three Line Tales #227 found here