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A Magic Flight

Add fuel to the golden fire,
To make us go higher.
We took flight with no wings,
Only colourful rings,
Clutching a woven basket.
It took a while to grasp it,
But once we were suspended,
It could be comprehended,
That there is more to life,
Than war and strife.
Our view is panoramic.
There is such a thing as magic.
Though with each refreshing sigh,
We draw closer to ravens in the sky.

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In response to dVerse’s flights of fancy challenge found here

creative writing

Nature’s Romance

White crests break across the bay,

Every time you glance my way.

Moonbeams dance on the ripples of the sea,

Every time you smile at me.

Dappled sunlight scatters through woodland,

Every time you reach for my hand.

The golden sun sets, fades out of sight,

Every time you kiss me goodnight.

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A Choral Remedy

An innocent child sings
A soft, sweet song.
Not in tune, no rhythm.
But it doesn’t sound wrong.

When she grows,
Those notes are polished.
Sang correctly.
But truth demolished.

A virtual choir is advertised,
Impulsively she participates.
To distract the mind from fear.
At first, she celebrates.

She gleams with positivity,
Optimism, and pride.
But then it’s time to record,
With nobody by her side.

The pressure builds.
Countless blunders.
The notes wobble.
Her pitch wanders.

But then her solo,
Becomes part of a chorus.
A community of singers.
Magical for all of us.