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Silent Rain

Listening to the sound of rain
Creates serenity.
Busy minds tune into the lull.
A provoked tranquility:
Calm enough to ease,
Loud enough to dispel
Unwelcome thoughts,
Wish them farewell.
A raindrop is silent,
Until it splashes.
Like his internal plight,
Before he turns to ashes.

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In response to dVerse’s Rain Poetry Prompt found here

creative writing

Gratitude for Average

If I was a dessert,
I’d be the humble banana split,
A reliable ally.
I just don’t have the character,
Of the rich key lime pie.

If I were a flower,
I’d be the plain-petalled daisy.
No obvious dangers.
I just don’t have the character,
Of grandma’s hydrangeas.

Being average runs in the family,
Nothing mystical to see here.
I’m thankful though.
I just don’t have the character,
To put on a show.

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In response to the Paint Chip Poetry Prompt Challenge #27 found here

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Sailors’ Delusions

Sirens’ enchanting ballads
Flirt with sailors- a perfect illusion.
Unintentionally deceptive.
No escaping delusion.
The sly texture of her scales.
Lashings of hair, hiding skin.
Shells conceal her modesty,
Still, she draws the sailors in.
Both clueless and frivolous,
Equally attuned to curiosity.
Both dreamers, parched of love.
Beauty masks her animosity.
She steals their hearts,
In promise of devotion.
Robbing them of sanity,
Before returning to the ocean.

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In response to the dVerse mer-people challenge found here

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Hardships and Tears Décima

When a hardship comes sailing in,
Please allow my mind to depart.
Watch my warriors guard my heart,
Sometimes I feel like staying in,
So please refrain from breaking in.
I ask you to forgive my void,
Accept, or leave me paranoid.
Let me cry when nothing makes sense,
Leave when my feeble eyes condense.
Pity’s worthless when I’m destroyed.

In response to Ronovan Writes’ Décima Challenge #10 found here

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Forgotten Girl

Neglected, no chance to attach,
A childhood gone rotten.
As resilient as a baby seal.
A beautiful girl, forgotten.
Her world is backwards,
With nowhere to stay.
It has an unwelcome smell,
No downpour could wash away.
Yet it rains and rains,
Until she is wet, with a chill.
Like when the crickets stridulate,
Her cries are shrill.
The downfall is that she will grow,
Knowing how to hurt you.
Her expressions will be informal,
And she will hold no virtue.

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In response to Mindlovemisery’s Wordle Prompt found here

creative writing

NaPoWriMo Day 3

Leaving Home Echoes

I was sixteen- ready to leave my blanket behind.
A time to make extreme choices in the blink of an eye.
My self-esteem led me to a place with no morality.
Somewhere to find solace, be selfish, renew vitality.

I was mauled at home, nailed to the wall.
They were so narrow-minded, they thought I’d fall.
Wanted me to stay forever in my baby basket.
It remains a past I never want to salvage.

No time for second glances, time would not slow down.
My mother snarled- “petulant child” became her slogan.
In my defence, I was determined to make my future brighter.
No bitter feelings over being called a blighter.

My quarrels with mother were like choral feuds.
Not in the same way as carols echo around the piano.
All I wanted was to exceed expectations.
Now I can never diffuse the situation.

Forever defined by my defaced reputation.

In response to the NaPoWriMo homophones challenge found here

40 words: extreme, esteem, sixteen, exceed, blanket, blinked, blackout, basket, selfish, shellfish, salvage, solace, gnarled, nailed, snarled, mauled, vitality, finality, morality, fatality, slogan, slowing, second, soaking, blighter, bitter, brighter, blinder, diffuse, deface, defence, defines, petulant, patient, vigilant, prevalent, quarrel, choral, carol, coral