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This Summer

Like the deciduous tree,
You will regain your leaves this summer,
And every year thereafter.
You will have life again,
As you will reside in my memories.
With every smile,
I will think of you,
And wish I could see
Your reaction too.
I will remember you also
With every tear,
I know how it felt to hold your hand,
And I will hope that you are near.

In memory of my mum.

creative writing

NaPoWriMo Day 15

Mother’s Songs

All it takes is one little word,
To crop up in conversation,
And suddenly my mother believes,
That she is a singing sensation.
But! She sings several octaves higher,
Than the artist of the song,
In a barely recognisable tune,
Plus, the lyrics are always wrong.
Well it didn’t take long at all
Before I would break into a song!
Luckily I know my lyrics,
So at least I don’t get those wrong.

Mother sings often,
Spirit as high as her key!
It is contagious.

In response to the fifteenth “bad habits” prompt from

creative writing

Empty Nest Décima

Hear the squawking of mother bird,
Chased by the devilish kittens,
Captured in their furry mittens.
Ears pricked. The silence was stirred,
But her pleading was quickly slurred.
Bringing emptiness to mourning.
Her baby bird awoke, yawning,
And longing for the feathered quilt,
Mother’s wings in the nest she built.
The baby sensed a shift dawning.

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In response to Ronovan Writes’ Décima Challenge #14 found here