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A Two-Tanka Treasure

At the lost and found,
Unnamed, unclaimed, unworthy.
Jewels all around.
Once loved perhaps, once cherished,
But now a forgotten gem.

A patchwork teddy,
Not mine- but I see stories.
Stitched and stuffed again.
The tattier the treasure,
The more loved is the relic.

Shared with dVerse for Open Link Night #270 found here

creative writing

Alluring Danger

Just relax as we journey into the deepest crevasse of your mind.

Slip past the danger sign; it’s only there for decoration.

Don’t be frightened, your subconscious is your true safe place: your childhood, your desires, and the key to deciphering all of your… Eccentricities.

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In response to Only 100 words: Three Line Tales #226 found here