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NaPoWriMo Day 26

Portly Parakeet

How doth the portly parakeet
Sing that little high note,
And tap his spindly legs and feet,
Beneath his feathered coat!

How humbly they seem to chirp,
How swiftly they click their beaks,
In water he will splash and slurp,
To wash his chubby cheeks!

In response to the twenty-sixth “parody” prompt from

I chose to write in the same style as Lewis Carroll’s parody “The Crocodile” of Isaac Watts’ “How Doth the Busy Little Bee”.

Image: one of my very own chubby budgies, Finn.

creative writing

Ode to Parakeets

Oh, the beautiful parakeet,
With your soft, ruffled feathers,
In layers of sumptuous plumage.
You take flight with grace,
Landing like gymnasts.
You sing a tune, so gently,
As you admire your reflection,
After hours of preening.
Understandable conceit,
Oh, the beautiful parakeet.

Shared for Open Link Night #267 at dVerse found here