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Faithful Seed Quadrille

Faithful seed, be loyal and true,
As I have been with you.
I long to see you try.
Be driven and fight,
Fight until you pull through.
Faithful seed, I plead with you.
Take everything I have and grow,
Grow stronger than you know.

In response to dVerse’s “seed quadrille” prompt.

A poem filled with hope, emotion, and desperation.

creative writing

An Awkward Quadrille

We giggled in the courtyard,
Doing impressions of his coy advances.
The way he bites his lip,
His clumsiness as he dances.
His eyelids raised, revealing nerves.
He spluttered: “A beautiful undress”.
Perhaps that is what he really meant,
A Freudian slip, no less.

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In response to dVerse’s quadrille challenge #105 found here