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Eleanor’s List

Every morning, Eleanor would ride the bus to the beach. Something about the narrow aisle, uncomfortable chairs, and window seat would act as a social catalyst.

She would always use the journey as an opportunity to make connections with the other passengers. She would delve into their past, ask them questions about who they are, and where their ambitions would take them. She would always remember to ask for their birthday.

When she arrived at the beach, she would scribble everything down, under the headings of star signs. She would try to find matches, and make links… Where there weren’t any.

It took years to gather enough information to realise that everyone is unique, and all those years of chasing after her own horoscope had only led to loneliness.

Eleanor did not dwell on this for too long. Instead, she developed a whole new system to match people, and by the end of the week, she had set up her own dating site. She could make some strong conclusions about lifestyle choices, complimenting personality traits, and love.

Her most successful match was her own. Eleanor managed to find her own love story within the pages of her website. As soon as he appeared on the list, she knew their paths would cross and connect.

When things are not going to plan, be flexible. Adapt.

creative writing

Distorted Dreams

One moment I was running, and then I took one look at your face and frowned. It was distorted. You were still beside me, your voice echoed in my ears, and I could still feel your soft skin, but it wasn’t your face. It wasn’t your body or your hair, or even your delicate eyes.

I am dreaming. I must be missing you.

I lean in closer, sensing every part of you, it seems so real. I believe that you’re there, you just look different. Then, I realise we are floating. Floating high above a place that doesn’t even exist. I am holding a cold glass of water. I feel the weight of it, and the drips of condensation on my fingertips. There’s no denying it’s existence.

I wake up, my hand clasped around air. For a second I’m convinced I’ve spilled the water until I feel reality.

I think back to us floating, and that unrecognisable face who represented you. It seems ridiculous now, but it still makes me pine for you and all day I feel a tingle. I wait for the night to come again, hoping for a continuation, but by then it has all faded away.

creative writing

Lonely Hearts Ad

I have the wisdom of a grandma,
But the passion of a teen.
A child’s zest for life.
Read on if you’re keen.

So what’s your best feature?
Your crystal blue eyes?
Your mesmerising smile?
Will you give me butterflies?

Will you fix the damage,
From my last relationship?
Can you stay by my side?
Will we be joined at the hip?

Will you remind me of my ex,
And all those things I miss?

Maybe this is a bad idea…
All I long for is his kiss.

creative writing

Miss You More

“You hang up”, “no, you”.
No room for masculinity.
“I love you to the moon and back”.
“Well, I love you to infinity”.

Who loves who more?
The champion undecided.
Just nobody mention distance,
We don’t need to be reminded.

I miss your warmth and comfort.
I miss your sweet caress.
I’m sinking into the abyss.
Without you, I’m a mess.

Shared with dVerse for Open Link Night found here

One of my earliest poems, reflecting on the heartache of a long-distance relationship.

creative writing

Stronger Together

I was normally one to walk alone. It was more than not following the crowd, it was walking a path towards a different vision entirely. Sometimes, no vision at all.

I thought I could go on like that for an eternity, until I met adversity.

At first, I was coping. Surviving. I had strife and will, and I fought with every ounce of courage but, slowly, my energy became scarce.

I bumped into you on my journey, even though I had wandered off the towpath years before. You were different… And wonderful. You were forging your own path, and when we looked ahead, they seemed to be going in the same direction.

So you took me by the hand, and we continued to walk. We stumbled over every obstacle, but we had fun along the way. Problems became challenges. Struggle became perseverance. We became lovers.

Adversity was a blessing; it brought me closer to you.