creative writing

A Heart’s Echo

Quietly rocks the garden swing, swaying in time with the autumn breeze. My eyes fixate on the seat, clutching to the chains, longing to see delicate fingers wrap around them once again.
The porch door clatters as the cat shoots through the hall, stealing my attention. As my eyes wander back to the garden swing, I see it lift up with a gust of wind, as if a child had leapt from it, up into the air, grasping for freedom.
Footsteps. Sodden footprints and bits of tarnished leaf are scattered through the kitchen, leading to the lounge. I follow the trail, forever hoping it will lead to you. I miss you so much that my heartache echoes into my every thought.

creative writing

Mood Haiku Sequence

Painting lines on lines,
Masking feelings with colours,
Burying lost strokes.

Carefully painting,
With a cold, stormy pallet.
Comforting blanket.

Moody skies console,
Beautiful blue smudged with grey.
Uplifting sadness.

In response to dVerse’s Haiku Sequence prompt found here