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NaPoWriMo Day 7

Shower Shadorma

When I sing,
My shower echoes.
Sending the
Through an autotune salon.
Boosting my e-steam.

In response to the seventh “shadorma or fib” prompt from, which I’m sure said to include a pun… maybe… Okay sorry for the pun.

I chose the Shadorma because even though the Fib is a beautiful mathematical and natural sequence (combining two of my passions), I really liked the sound of the syllable sequence of the Shadorma.

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A Choral Remedy

An innocent child sings
A soft, sweet song.
Not in tune, no rhythm.
But it doesn’t sound wrong.

When she grows,
Those notes are polished.
Sang correctly.
But truth demolished.

A virtual choir is advertised,
Impulsively she participates.
To distract the mind from fear.
At first, she celebrates.

She gleams with positivity,
Optimism, and pride.
But then it’s time to record,
With nobody by her side.

The pressure builds.
Countless blunders.
The notes wobble.
Her pitch wanders.

But then her solo,
Becomes part of a chorus.
A community of singers.
Magical for all of us.