creative writing

Honest Love Sonnet

I gaze upon the stranger opposite,
I’m wondering if he has noticed me,
I smooth my hair, and change the way I sit.
I’m coy, so shy, uncomfortable… Is he?

Why must I torture myself in this way?
I just want love to ambush me, and soon.
No time to think, no fuss, with no delay.
He doesn’t even have to make me swoon.

My friend says that I am more than enough.
He makes me smile, and helps me to get by.
Just why do I find seeking love so tough?
But then I see a glimmer in his eye.

When friendship blossoms into something more,
That’s when love is honest, real and pure.

creative writing

Long Distance Sonnet

Remember when we sat beneath the stars?
Gazing as the waves approached the shore,
I nestled in your arms. The night was ours.
Felt safer than I ever had before.

You turned to me and said you liked the way
It felt to have me in your grasp again.
You held me tighter still, and said someday,
To see you, I won’t have to catch a train.

Though distance holds no power over us,
Why does it hurt so much to be apart?
Then time refused to pause, or to discuss,
The desperate prayers within my aching heart.

My mind began to wander to a place,
Where every day I’m blessed to see your face.