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Rippling Dreams Décima

I sat beside a charming stream,
On the trunk of a fallen tree.
A perfect place to peacefully
Reconsider my latest dream.
I admired the water gleam,
Watching courageous ripples ride,
Toward the rocks, and then collide,
Meandering around the bends.
It taught me changes are not ends,
So I can drift, no need to glide.

In response to Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 7 found here

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Sailors’ Delusions

Sirens’ enchanting ballads
Flirt with sailors- a perfect illusion.
Unintentionally deceptive.
No escaping delusion.
The sly texture of her scales.
Lashings of hair, hiding skin.
Shells conceal her modesty,
Still, she draws the sailors in.
Both clueless and frivolous,
Equally attuned to curiosity.
Both dreamers, parched of love.
Beauty masks her animosity.
She steals their hearts,
In promise of devotion.
Robbing them of sanity,
Before returning to the ocean.

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In response to the dVerse mer-people challenge found here

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Media Mayhem Décima

Why must the press always surmise?
Listen, please stop speculating.
Twisting words, manipulating.
I always see through your disguise,
You only ever publish lies.
Media steals all the glory,
Marching on your territory.
Selling words for personal gain,
No justice for the names you stain.
Severing my private story.

In response to Ronovan Writes’ Décima Challenge #11 found here

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Hardships and Tears Décima

When a hardship comes sailing in,
Please allow my mind to depart.
Watch my warriors guard my heart,
Sometimes I feel like staying in,
So please refrain from breaking in.
I ask you to forgive my void,
Accept, or leave me paranoid.
Let me cry when nothing makes sense,
Leave when my feeble eyes condense.
Pity’s worthless when I’m destroyed.

In response to Ronovan Writes’ Décima Challenge #10 found here

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NaPoWriMo Day 17

Tape Deck Travels

The lousy tape deck jittered on long journeys.
Playing a spitting, muffled sound.
The interference would go unnoticed,
We were used to noise in the background.

It would always remember where you left off,
You could never find the start of a song.
Abrupt ends would tumble into new beginnings.
Again, we were unaware it sounded wrong.

When you got to the end of the tape,
You would have to remember to rewind it.
Or else the next journey would begin with:
Click… Again, we didn’t mind it.

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In response to the NaPoWriMo forgotten technology challenge found here